The band primed and loaded. Photo from Bandcamp.

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Where’d They Go? This Good Robot

Where did a promising rock band run off to?

5 min readJan 15, 2021


From the early to mid-2010s, a post-hardcore band began touring with big names like My Chemical Romance. Before the significant player performs, this band will go on stage to wow the crowd with their energy and charisma. It leaves the crowd perplexed by who this thrilling band is. The band in question is This Good Robot, and the temporary stage presence showed they could be one great in the rock genre. Their debut, the light is taking me to pieces proved it. After the release, they vanished, and their potential diminished. So where did they go?

The cover for their Ep, The Human I Am. Photo from Bandcamp.

The Beginning and Their EP The Human I Am (2011)

Six to eight friends and or college students where talking one day,

Main Friend: Hey, I like comic books; you like comic books. I like superheros, you like superheros. I like music; you like music. Let’s make a band.

Other Friends: Okay, I don’t see why not?

And the rest is history.

This Good Robot is a band formed on long island, NY comprising:

Micheal Ragosta vocals, guitar

Andrew Sclafani guitar, keys, vocals, dat falsetto

Robert Ragosta guitar, vocals, keys

Kyle Carberry guitar, backup vocals

Kenny Cavallero bass

Vinny Nuzzi drums

Information on the band is very limited. All that’s known is they’re a rock band who has many members and has songs based on science-fiction and comic books.

People didn’t get a taste for their style until they released their EP, All The Human I am.



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