When the Moment Arises, Breakout into Song

I broke out into song in school, and I wasn’t ashamed

Alexander Razin
3 min readDec 20, 2022


Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

The music blasted through the intercom as p.e. began. I knew this was an opportune moment to sing. The gymnasium’s acoustics were louder than my voice. No one could hear me sing, “Soul man.” It’s the latest tune I heard, thanks to Drake & Josh.

As the p.e. coach ended our exercise, I walked towards the other kids, who discovered I was singing “Soul Man.” It did not embarrass me when the other children found out, given I kept breaking out into song without care. It’s incredible they hadn’t mocked and ridiculed me because of my singing habit. My classmates stared in awe as I performed for them a concert of one. I apologize. You can not refund your tickets.

Many weeks later, I started singing yet again. I didn’t enjoy “Soul man” anymore. Instead, I sang a butchered version of two songs I heard on Nickelodeon. I combined the “Lime and Coconut” song with a “Banana Smoothie” song. Those melodies rushed to my brain and out my mouth, where two classmates stared at me, bemused.

To my surprise, none laughed. They only kept staring as if my singing froze them into a trance. I’m shocked they didn’t belittle me. I might’ve sung well enough where a part of them said, “let’s see how this ends,” and the other part said, “when will the school bell ring, so I can stop listening to him?” Either way, they allowed me to continue until the bell rang and vamanos.

I had my best singing moments during my fifth-grade school camping trip.

One time in line for an activity, I started singing in a weird reggae accent as I waved my arms sporadically. Thankfully, I didn’t hit anyone with my choreography. And I’m thankful that no one cared about my singing. My classmates ignored me, and the teachers did, too. Yet, I know the teachers had a good laugh at my expense.

For the rest of my camping trip, I kept dancing and singing. I was already the reticent, overweight kid, and the other kids didn’t want to be around me for those reasons.

My singing will seal the deal.



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