Timeless Bittersweet 15 Minutes of Fame

Searching for internet glory came my way

Alexander Razin
4 min readSep 20, 2022


Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA production from Pexels

The gruelling task of earning internet fame succeeded. Posting other memes on iFunny took its course; how lucky I am.

I’m 18 and have my first, if not last, taste of success. I hope it will continue, but I’m like everyone else. 15-minutes is all I get.

I was at a friend’s house when the impossible happened.

“I got featured on iFunny. No Way!” I shouted as I stared at my phone. Seeing my post on the featured page sped my heart to a brisk pace. I haven’t felt this way since defeating a taunting boss in a challenging video game.

A bit bemused, my friend attempted to comprehend my excitement. I explained the best I could about my feature on iFunny. Within minutes, he understood. It’s good that he knew about iFunny, or explaining would have been in order.

After I told my friend, he didn’t have the same excitement as me. He instead mocked my bantering since I felt like shouting to the world about my slice of internet glory. So when I left his house, that’s what I did. Shout for praise for a minor victory.

“I’ve been featured on iFunny,” I declared to the barren streets.

“Yeah, man,” my friend replied as I exited the house.

I received internet prestige, but what’s the meme which earned me the honor?

It was a GIF of a woman jumping on an inflatable mattress. As she jumps, the kid on the bed falls out the window that shouldn’t have been open. I, of course, didn’t make the GIF. Someone (perhaps on Reddit) made it. Like every other post on iFunny, I didn’t create it. I instead stole others’ memes and saw which ones iFunny would feature on the app. I didn’t mind stealing. If Fuck Jerry is doing it, why can’t I?

GIF by the author via 4GIFS.com and iFunny

Regardless, many people posted the same GIF on iFunny. Yet, I’m the one iFunny picked. Since many others posted it as well, I received flack. One person was furious, as they posted the GIF before I did. When I received the comment about their disdain, I didn’t know how to…



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