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Alexander Razin
2 min readJul 29, 2023
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I’ve come a long way in my writing journey. I’ve reached 4,700 followers and 6,000 views a month within two years. This seems minuscule to other writers, but I find it incredible.

I spent most of my life disliking reading and writing. I struggled for half of elementary trying to spell. At five, I remember I couldn’t spell my name. Somehow, by luck, I improved my writing.

Still, I was not fond of writing, regardless of improvement. Only in 2018 did I start reading and writing consistently. My writing past is why I find my accolades remarkable. Also, when Medium readers say my articles are interesting — this is why.

The other factor was my disability. I knew I had a problem for years, but unsure of what. It wasn’t until 2016, at 20, a therapist diagnosed me with autism. It was an eye-opener; I realized why I struggled to learn.

The diagnosis relieved me, yet, anxiety, depression, and stress was my real issue.

These mental disorders I fought countless times but always recovered. Currently, I’m combating depression and stress. An ongoing battle of exhaustion and body aches keeps me from writing.

The stress and anxiety are different, but the problem’s the same; it isn’t anything I can overcome.

I will power through and regain my productivity. But, in the meantime, I’ll face my mental issues.

What does this mean for my writing?

I haven’t been straight with you guys. I like the things I write, but it’s insincere. My love for experimental or obscure media is real, but I’m not writing what I know. Instead, I’ll write with what I’m knowledgeable in.

Share with you what I like, and see if you’ll enjoy it too.

Being the case, expect one (sometimes two) articles or nonfiction stories once a week on Friday or Saturday. I’m having a bad week or taking my time if I don’t write anything.

Thank you for reading.

You proved I have something special.

— Alexander Razin

One final note: readers like my Tiny Tim article. I’ll edit it so they can enjoy it more.



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