The Ultimate 2021 Recap

An overview of my first year in Medium

Alexander Razin
2 min readJan 1, 2022


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I can’t believe 2021 is over. I recall being in front of my laptop having no clue what I’m writing on Medium.

I still don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s working.

After one year, I learned a lot about this humble platform and I conclude:

It’s a shitshow.

Writers from all walks of life are laboring to make a career out of Medium.

Some give up within months, and others play the game no matter how long it takes.

I, for one, am playing the game because I understand my limitations.

I have a disability, and my cloudy mind takes a while to write stories. Another point, my writing is shit, but it’s not stopping me from learning how to improve my craft.

I’ve seen many writers gain instant traction or write on multiple platforms this year. I, too, can do those things, but if I do it all at once, I’ll crash and burn.

Like the tortoise, I’m working my way to write on multiple platforms.

It’s obvious people on this platform love self-help; they get turned on by that shit.

I’ll admit, I used self-help to write on here, as I couldn’t get out of the well I placed myself in—and I can only escape by climbing the well’s grimy foundation.

The self-help Medium gurus get paid top dollar to write advice on how you can be successful, or learn how to write like them.

Not exactly. This year, satirist Hogan Torah broke barriers by writing his brand of humor and entertainment.

In one of his recent articles, he said he wants to become a known writer on Medium, so others can duplicate him instead of Tim Denning.

I agree, Medium needs Hogan Torahs instead of self-help gurus. In the future, writers can wear wardrobes and create fake names to bring their characters to life.

I know I’ll put on black clothing and embrace my weirdness.

Last, it’s a pleasure to make acquaintances and friends in Medium. I appreciate them for taking the time to read my articles! In the future, I’ll stop being a social freak and speak to you guys through text messages and phone calls.

For now, I’ll continue to read your wonderful pieces, as you do with mine. Together, we can achieve any undertakings we have with writing.

Thank you to the publications for accepting my nonsense. I promise to write better dribble to get any self-help, personal essay, and politics junkies’ attention.

Thanks again for reading my nonsense and meeting you guys! We’re building something special here.

We await the next Medium trendsetter. Who knows, maybe it can be you, me, we?



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