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Join his laughter. Source Twitch.

Podcasts are a dime a dozen. They inform you and entertain you. With most people tuning in to murder mysteries, they eat up as if it were all you can eat for $4.99.

However, one podcast has been making moves ever since they hit the scene in 2014. This podcast is Double Toasted, and its primary goal is to make you laugh. If Double Toasted makes you crack a smile, all is right in the world.

Who Is Double Toasted?

The logo. Source Double Toasted.

They’re a live video podcast from Austin, Texas, co-hosted and created by Korey Coleman, and co-hosted by Martin Thomas, which began on July 2, 2014. Korey Coleman is an animator and critic who started reviewing films back in 1995 with a public access show, The Reel Deal. The Reel Deal used the same local channel as Alex Jones of Infowars (oh boy) and Matt Dillahunty of The Atheist Experience. The show featured countless members discussing and reviewing movies and various topics.

The host of Double Toasted Korey Coleman (left), and Martin Thomas (right). Source The Austin Chronicle.

Korey ended the show and moved on to On spill, Korey continued to review films and added video games to the mix. Korey and friends’ new venture went well, with Spill having 50,000 members as of July 2013. The same year, Korey shut down Spill because of conflicts.

After Spill, koreys’ friends encouraged him to start a Kickstarter to receive revenue to create a new project he dubbed Double Toasted.

Why Is Double Toasted Underrated?

There is one factor, their humor. With the Double Toasted film review segment, The Movie Review Extravaganza, their humor is free flowing as Korey can generate jokes to get his co-host, Martin, to laugh and rile Korey up, causing more jokes. No matter the quality of the movie, they’ll bash it in. For example, in their first movie review on Double Toasted, Neighbors, you can sense Korey’s and Martin’s charisma as they attack the film and each other. Especially the cartoons Korey drew of Martin and him. In the review, they explained little (the podcast segment is nine minutes) as they’re getting their feet wet, but as the years went by, the reviews lasted an hour.

They as well discuss old and bad films using their unique rating system, Better Than Sex (10), Full Price (9–8), Matinee (8–7), Rental (6–5), Some Ol’ Bullshit (4–2), F You! (1–0).

They’re having a blast. Source Reset Era.

Another example is their most popular video on YouTube titled Anna Storelli Has Her Old Nude Videos Found Online, which sits with 1.5 million views on YouTube. Korey and his co-host Oz talk about a woman who started arguing with an affectionate couple in public. The video garnered much attention, internet dwellers began looking Anna Strorelli up, and they found out she has countless videos of her doing inappropriate things.

With the material given, Korey and Oz add their humor to make this ironic circumstance hilarious. Korey showed a picture of her with furniture and Oz joke how the couch in the picture wants to partake in what Anna Storelli showcased in the photo.

Given Double Toasted efforts, award shows nominated them for several awards, and The Austin Chronicle awarded them Best of Austin in 2015 for best podcast.

Final Thoughts

Today, Double Toasted keeps going strong as Korey and Martin haven’t lost their touch. Double Toasted has small views via their website, Twitch, and YouTube, where they have 207k subscribers. They should have more subscribers and views as their humor and charisma are leagues from the big dog YouTube movie reviewers like Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckmann.

Please do yourself a favor and check out their podcast (perhaps live) and watch one of their YouTube videos. Maybe get merch from DTMerch to get that toasty goodness all over your body.

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