Tales Of A Sani Man

Saving the world one wipe at a time

Alexander Razin
3 min readMar 16, 2021


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A 25-year-old man mostly writes on his blog on worldly controversial topics. His Popular post is Corporate Overloads, and We Should Get Replaced with Robots. But by night, he dawns the moniker, The Sani Man. After a tragic meltdown explosion when refilling the sanitizer bottles, he gained increased strength and fast agility. When his newfound abilities, he protects us from the invisible enemy know as bacteria. Defeating it one spray and wipe at a time.

A deadly virus has led Sani man to face foes he would’ve thought twice to engage. Virus Ninjas and food stain monster of unparallel stature. But Sani Man's job led him to a foe he encountered only in dreams.

It’s been six months since the company hired him to take care of its peril, and by that time, he got to know every night employee. One particular employee, Chris, didn’t want to wear a mask in the hallway, even though the virus has taken more people than the foes Sani Man faced. Chris is a thin man in his mid or late twenties. He doesn’t look like someone who wouldn’t wear a mask. The muscle-bound tattooed maintenance technician looks more the part, but he’s constantly sporting his mask and sanitizing his hands. He probably has faced a virus monster.

Sani man wants to tell Chris to wear his mask each time they come in contact, but the repercussions aren’t worth it. Before Sani man’s day off, he arrived at work flabbergasted to a comment left on his blog post. He can let out his emotions on an employee momentarily. Regretfully, it’s Chris who faces his wrath.

Sani man strode through the hallway to Sanitize. Donning gloves, sheer white robe, spray bottle, and protected mask, he noticed Chris passing by. And his mind kept speeding up with that comment; he confronted Chris and said,

“Put on a mask.”

Chris noticed the hostility in Sani Man’s eyes and returned it.

“Yeah, right, keep walking,” he said

“Put on a mask!” Sani Man roared

“Man, you get offended so easily,” Chris said

Sani Man greeted Chris with blind fury as Chris slowly backed away.



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