Overcoming a likely fate

Before I went to grade school, I had a challenging time spelling. The classes my mother put me in; they assisted with my spelling. They gave me a sheet of paper where I had to learn how to spell my name. I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t plan the letters. I would spend minutes staring at the sheet of paper while shaking and whining to spell my name. I overheard the teachers, “If Alexander can’t spell his name, he’s not going to elementary school.” I’m not sure how long it took to spell my name, but miraculously I achieve it. The problem persisted in elementary school, as I struggled to spell the simplest words. Words such as chicken, outside, and Spider-Man (I liked spider-man when I was younger). In second grade, during a spelling test, I scribbled in the answers because I didn’t know the words. I had another problem too, I couldn’t complete the work they assign me. At school, when the teacher was lecturing, I would rather draw than pay attention because I knew if I paid attention, it won’t help me. Each time I would receive my homework, I would stare at attentively, and push aside and go watch to TV or play video games; something which wasn’t as challenging.

My parents took notice, and they tried to help me, by doing test and going to therapy. Each test I did, my results would come out poorly. In every subject, I score inadequately, which made it seem as if I was slow. At therapy they attempted to find the problem, but they couldn’t diagnose because my condition wasn’t severe. They said I add autism, and a case of Aspergers. The spectrum didn’t exist yet, so they couldn’t flat out say I had autism. So, I spend most of my of grade school education having trouble learning. Every grade I entered, I would struggle with material, and instead of doing the work, I’ll go watch TV or play video games. My parents would put me in assisted help for students, but it didn’t cut it; I still preform poorly. Because of my learning abilities, I’ll spend most of my elementary school vacations in summer school.

It frustrated my parents; they wanted to see their child prosper, but the education in town wasn’t up to standards. If I stayed in this town, I would have dropped out of school, and not become the person I am today. My low ability to read and write would cause the worse parts of me to come out and tarnish my life. My parent’s moved from town, and to a new state where perhaps they could help their problematic child. At first, I had a rocky start; the curriculum was in improvement, but I was still the same lazy child who didn’t want to do his work. My first two years there (fourth and fifth grade) I went to summer school. It still felt as if I would not survive the rest of my grade school education; I would want to drop out.

When I went to middle school in 2008, suddenly my grades improve, and I was on my way to high school. Keep in mind, I was still the same lethargic boy, but this time the staff and teachers would push me to do my work. If didn’t do an assignment, they’re right there to make sure I’m on track. Even though they pushed me, I continually drew pictures in class instead of paying attention and doing my work. The school counselors would take notice and ask me if I wanted a notebook to draw at home. I refused notebook, but took their advice to not draw in class; as I didn’t want to get in trouble again. I should listen to them, as taking the time to practice drawing at home would help me in the future.

When I went to high school in 2011, the teachers would push me and I’ll push back as I still didn’t want to learn. I notice that my major struggles were in reading and writing. Each time I would get an essay or writing assignment, I would gloss it over, or flimsily put something together; hoping the teachers would accept. My writing was full of grammar issues and misspellings. The teachers would tell me to practice writing and spelling, but I refused, I rather play Mortal Kombat for the millionth time.

Practice would’ve helped, as the test I needed to graduate high school was coming up. Because I didn’t practice, I took the writing portion of the state exam at least three times. As a result, the school board put together the points to my writing and reading state test so I may pass. Because of the combine grade, I finished high school on schedule in 2015, and did what I didn’t think was possible. I barely passed, but my improvements in learning helped me reach the finish line.

After high school, it excited me to go to college; I had dreams of going to a prestigious art school like CalArts. I eagerly wanted to go there, that I forgot to notice, I’m heading back to the town and state that didn’t help me with my learning. My family and I went back because I eagerly wanted to go to that school, and to help my grandparents. I as started college in the town I grew up in, I noticed flaws in my learning. My parents saw the issue and put me back into therapy. By then, a spectrum existed. The therapist I visited told me I had autism in the spectrum; the type that makes it hard for people to communicate. After, they told me something in mind rewired, and I noticed all the flaws in myself.

I learned about my condition, but I’ll spend a majority of college not practicing or improving my writing or reading skills. Because of my recklessness, I spend five years in a community college. In my last year, it’s when I learned to improve my writing and reading. I started reading fiction ,books on writing and reading, on life, and self-help. I downloaded apps to help with reading and writing, and got a spell checker. With these tools, my writing and reading skills have improved tenfold; I went from mediocre to average reading and writing speeds. Still, I have a long way to go, and because of condition I know it’ll take me longer to learn things compared to a typical person. No matter, I’m willing to take the time to learn.

I'm just a guy who enjoys music, books, film, animation, video games, and the mysteries of life. Website: https://ablatinwordy.wixsite.com/alexanderbriseno

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