Savoring the Morning With a Korean Drama

Remembering a show I had forgotten

Alexander Razin
2 min readMar 20, 2022

I need your help. I require your guidance on finding a Korean drama I watched five years ago. During the time, I should’ve searched for the show during a commercial break. Now, I spend the rest of my days discerning what I watched. If you read any of my previous articles, you see a loop; I leave subtle hints about this Korean soap.

Since no one caught on, I’ll describe how I found the Korean drama. I hope my explanation works; my life is on the line here. Wherever I am, they won’t release me until I remember the Korean show I watched five years ago. Alright, pay attention, listen to my story. You could save a life.

Exhausted from my trip to Mexico, I turned on the TV to a local channel airing Asian dramas. The cool part was the channel subtitled the show, making it simple viewing for anyone interested. In the drama, a man dates a woman he dislikes before. His immediate interest shocked his mother, sister, or perhaps ex. They didn’t understand why he had a sudden attraction towards her.

The setup for the show was simple; nothing over the top happened. No stunning escalations between his mother, sister, and perhaps ex. What did change is the man’s attraction to the woman he dreads. It’s crystal clear why he displays sudden allure. She bewitched him.

I recall one scene when she’s letting him try the food she made, and he can’t help but enjoy it. As she feeds him, she looks perplexed because she thinks her cooking tastes awful. If you didn’t believe he’s bewitched, now you would agree. Of course, he’s enjoying her slob. Anyone under a spell would appreciate anything.

Besides the premise and recollection, I recall nothing. Damn it, I wish I could remember more. I’m hoping. I’m yearning I said enough to set me free. God knows I’m tired of writing articles in insignia.

Alright, once more, I’ll break down the details, so you can set me free from captivity. The show is an Asian drama of perhaps Korean origin. The plot is about a man who dates a woman he once loathed. I recall a scene where he’s enjoying her food.

The details aren’t helpful, but it’s all I can recollect. It’s difficult to remember when I have my hands and knees tied, and I have to bang my head on the laptop to type. I hope I explained enough to be set free. Internal bleeding isn’t healthy.

Thanks for reading my brand of tongue-in-cheek humor. I’m joking, but I wonder if anyone has seen this drama or anything similar. Tell me in the comments!



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