ou’re with a group of acquaintances and they ask the group, “What’s something we don’t know about each other?” There’s always that one person who surprises the group with their answer; they met a celebrity, traveled all over the world, faced a dangerous situation, or they came close to fame. From everyone I met personally, I’m the only one with a shocking response; I had multiple occasions where I could’ve garnered fame. Here’s one of those occasions, and it’s one I think about every now and again.

One faithful day, 6-year-old me went to the mall with his parents to get out of the house. I enjoyed going to the mall, the mall’s glitzy exterior, bright lights, and the echoing sounds of people captivated me. I can’t remember the exact reason my parents headed to the plaza, but probably to get out of the house and see what to purchase. Back then, I was an only child, and my parent’s would get me anything I wanted. That soon ended a year later when my brother was born. I don’t regret having a sibling, but the experience of being a single child felt great.

After a couple minutes of walking, my parent’s and I entered a children’s store; It’s when my chance for stardom arrived. My parents were casually browsing for clothing for me, but I couldn't care less, I rather get a toy than clothes. It’s when a woman approached my folks. She was average height; a giant compared to me, long straight blonde hair, and slim fit navy blue suit. She firmly stood her ground, showcasing radiant confidence in herself. Her lips open revealing a toothy smile and a look of astonishment in her eyes, it’s as if she had struck gold.

Without hesitation the woman spoke her peace, “Hi there, your song is perfect for new harry potter; the glasses and chubby cheeks make him the perfect fit.”

My parents ask the woman what I’ll get out of it, and she guarantees them I’m generously compensated. My parents at the moment saw dollar signs. I felt uneasy because I feared attention. Any place where people are staring at me is an automatic no. But deep down, I knew becoming an actor would benefit my future. The woman told my parents to think about it and get back to her. My parents knew it would help them in the future if I became a successful actor. But of course my parents valued my happiness, and didn’t want to break it, even if it wasn’t in their best interest. I shed tears because I didn’t want to confront people or do anything uncomfortable. I kept balling on and on, spouting, “I don’t want to be in the movie!” My parents gave in to my woes and walked up to the woman to make our decision. My parents with a somber tone told her he doesn’t want it to star in the movie. The woman said okay, you don’t have to force him. But it seems as if she felt heartbroken from their decision. My parent’s and I left the mall without mentioning what happened for the rest of the day.

As the days progressed, the trailer for the second harry potter appeared on television. My parent’s would tell me I could’ve been in the movie, and I would lower my tone and say yeah. Every time I see promotional material for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I feel a sense of guilt, and think of what could have been. It isn’t certain I would gain success as an actor. If I agreed, I’ll try it out and see what I gain from it. If I didn’t like it, then I’ll move on, but if I did, I can gain more roles and maybe find success in acting. Well, who knows, it's pure speculation. I’m glad not to accept the role; hearing the stories from former child actors is haunting. I’m didn’t want the same thing happening to me.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned If I ever thought of acting, and told them this story. They said I should give it another shot, even though I’m not the chubby boy with glasses anymore. I told him maybe my actions would lead me to acting again, and maybe I’ll find a new passion.

I'm just a guy who enjoys music, books, film, animation, video games, and the mysteries of life. Website: https://ablatinwordy.wixsite.com/alexanderbriseno

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