On Thursday, I smoked a Semi-Marijuana Joint for the First Time

It felt so right

Alexander Razin
4 min readFeb 20, 2022


A man is sniffing the smoky bliss of air. It’s what keeps his hair white and bouncy.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.

I settled on the alabaster ornate tile with a crack caused by my brother. Teenage hood has taken hold and made him reckless. Growing up, he must’ve viewed my teenage years as a disastrous omen. My brother planned not to do anything similar to me because it seemed pathetic.

I was an exceptional person during my teenage years, and young adulthood reflects it. At the ripe age of 26, I feel like a child. An adolescent who is only suitable for writing sweet nothing’s on the internet. My writing is all I have. Nothing but dead promises remain if I stop.

Perhaps this stick I held in my fingers would distinguish my feelings towards life. It could waive the fatigue and stress caused by Covid-19, where I’m uncertain whether I will see tomorrow. It would eliminate it.

The joints I purchased are from a small company based in Los Angeles named Dad Grass. They specialize in CBD roll-ups and oil. I understand it’s not an average marijuana blunt, as getting high is the last thing I want. I’m sorry to disappoint you Dance Gavin Dance fans.

I knew I had to give the CBD joint a try, as the other forms of CBD haven’t worked. The CBD oil and gummies I’ve taken in the past would ease my stress, but the fuzziness of anxiety still crept through my bones. What made my CBD gummy incident worse: I ate rancid ones. Thanks to the spoiled gummies, once a month, I experience a panic attack. I get lucky if I experience slight shakes and shivers. I surrendered my body to the foul gummies, which senses the cause of its demise.

It would eliminate it.

I sat outside my front house watching Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) on my phone. I might write an article about Sasuke, as it’s a TV series worth writing about on Medium or any blogging site. Putting my phone down, I grabbed a match and lit up, aiming towards the blunt. The light breeze kept pushing the flame towards the tips of my fingers, causing me to put it out. Given my anticipation, I rushed back into the house and snatched a lighter without leaving a trace.

With the joint back in my hand, I flick the lighter on and place the flame on the flower. By the wayside, my star dog Panchito saw his human do…



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