Nobody (2021): The Less Edgy John Wick

It began with a kitty bracelet

Source: Robert Ebert

At first, I was indifferent, but I yearned for a movie theatre outing as I enjoy sitting in a dark room for a few hours. So, on a hunch, I checked the website to see what movies were playing. Most of them were films you could see at home: Tom & Jerry, Raya and The Last Dragon, and Chaos Walking. A promotional poster of a bruised man getting punched by multiple fists in the face immediately caught my eye. At first, the poster read as a dark comedy about a man who stirs up trouble with the wrong people. So the poster sold me and I bought a ticket.

As I checked my emails for confirmation, I noticed an email labeled Nobody Saturday Showing. I opened it to see it’s from the manager informing me the showing I purchased a ticket is having technical difficulties and offered a free showing of the film in DFX. I emailed them back as soon as I could but received no response, so I called the cinema to know how to redeem my free showing. I told the person who answered the phone; I received an email for a free showing of Nobody. The individual on the phone said to come in person to sort it out, so I went as I didn’t want my free ticket to go to waste.

When I arrived at the theatre, I showed them the email, received my free ticket, and waited till Saturday reared its head.

Saturday arrived at breakneck speed, and I was ready to appreciate a pastime stripped away from us, well, everywhere United States except California. I got in my car and on my way there listened to Dying Fetus’s (excellent name) album, Wrong One to F***k With, as I was in the mood for something heavy. The album prepared me for what Nobody would deliver.

I arrived at the movie theatre, which is in an outlet mall. It was nice to get out and feel the warm sunlight light bask on my skin. It appeared many others searched for the sun’s heat.

I entered the theatre and walked calmly to my seat when I noticed a large gentleman occupied it. I wanted to defend my seat but intended not to. As much as the showroom wished to see a thin guy dressed all in black argue with someone twice their size, now was not the time.

As I headed for my seat, I realized the theatre brought new chairs. Sleek Red chairs, proper cushion, and a new reclining function to recline the leg rest and neck rest. I saw down and experience a film that lingered for me to see it.

Nobody released March 26, 2021, by Universal Pictures, in theatres only. Universal scheduled Nobody for August 14, 2020, but Universal pushed it back because of a catastrophe plaguing our world. Directed by Ilya Naishuller, a musician and producer who produced Hardcore Henry (2015), with Nobody being his first directing debut. It shows. His camera work is as if you’re watching a third-person perspective of Hardcore Henry. The film’s screenplay is by Derek Kolstad, who wrote John wick Chapter Two and Chapter Three: Parabellum. Universal Pictures boardroom thought if they wanted to create an average Joe John Wick, why not get the John Wick writer?

Nobody’s lead is Hutch Mansel play by Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame, Bob Odenkirk. Hutch is an average guy who you learn isn’t just some guy; he has a long gory history. He has a family, goes to work, comes home, and rinse and repeat. The major players are his father, David Mansell, played by Christopher Lloyd, and his stepbrother Harry Mansell, played by RZA, and Yulian Kuznetsov (the antagonist), played by Aleksey Serebryakov.

After two burglars break into Hutch’s humble abode and steal his little girl’s Kitty Bracelet, he goes on a hunt. I understand; if thieves broke into your home and stole something dear to your child, why wouldn’t you go on a rampage? After Hutch’s little escapade, the rush of adrenaline still resonated, and he took his spurt on a couple of drunkards on the bus. His cavalcade would cost him dearly as he rummaged with a group of people with powerful connections to the Russian Mafia. Hutch then faces Yulian Kuznetsov, a powerful Russian drug lord, and has no choice but to come out of retirement.

It’s clear what Universal is tempting to do; create a John Wick-style film for those who have a hard time digesting John Wick and make Bob Odenkirk into a badass. It’s hard to see an averagely built man that looks as if he walked out of a Golf Course into The Rock. I’m mistaken. Odenkirk’s is in good shape and looks like he can keep up with today’s action stars.

Odenkirk gives it his all to a film with a flimsy script only focusing on the action and the not dialogue. You’ll noticed the flaws when you get to know Hutch’s life and the occurrences that partake his world.

Source: IMDB

The action in Nobody feels believable. Not everyone’s a contract killer, as in John Wick, no one’s penetrable to firearms or death, and our lead isn’t a God who can walk off gaping wounds. The blood and violence is prominent here but isn’t over-the-top; it’s realistic to the violence which occurs on our planet daily.

Every character in the movie understands what kind of movie they’re in except Yulian Kuznetsov, who’s a goofy character who must’ve taught he’s in the John Wick universe. He possibly slipped into Nobody’s world during a multi-verse shift.

Ilya Naishuller and Derek Kolstad created a film that has a confusing narrative for Hutch Hansel. The creators defused the flaws with Bob Odenkirk’s premier acting and the fun action. If John Wick isn’t your cup of tea, give Nobody a view: your new favorite action flick.

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