a technology poem

Alexander Razin
May 25, 2022
Photo by Mike B from Pexels

In life, I painted exquisitely

Dying before fame

In life, you’re making millions with images

Dying before infamy

Goldmine virtual art

Cast millions of digital currency

You buy by pounds,

A blueberry muffin puppy

How adorable the lifeless image

It’s getting attention

Then a virtual pet left nurtured and starved

Feeling regret

Don’t feed the pet

It’s pointless

It looks like the art degree is worth it

No one can say

I wasted days

You’re making a profit

Then a business employee

Perhaps they sell the business

With an emoji suitcase

It looks like the degree didn’t waste away

How can the trend last?

It’s not a fad

It’s a noble art play

Selling physical and digital

Without straying away

From glory days

Stock currency now

Buy every token

Thanks for reading; I appreciate you!



Alexander Razin

Aficionado and connoisseur of obscure and experimental music, movies, and TV. Fictional and nonfictional pieces have their place here, too