Jason Statham In Wrath Of Man Reminds You Not To Reveal His Bad Side

You don’t want to see it

Alexander Razin


Photo from ComingSoon.Net

Friday was a momentous occasion; it’s my fathers’ first time going to the deluxe movie theater I’ve gone to for the previous four years.

Last week, I convinced my father to head to the theater, but the film we wanted to watch didn’t come out until next week.

The following week, I work on Friday, but I work in the morning. An afternoon screening is a safe bet.

I asked my father if he still wanted to go, and he agreed.

With the tickets purchased, I eagerly waited to finish working to head to the theater with my father to witness his first experience.

In the end, my dad and I watched a movie together. I’m positive Jason Statham’s character in the film wanted to experience watching a movie with his son, but he’ll never get a chance.

Jason Statham stars in Wrath Of Man, directed by Guy Ritchie. He led the live-action Aladdin (2019) and The Gentleman (2020).

Jason Statman plays H, a cash truck security guard who shocks his fellow employees after defending them in a risky situation. H’s actions leave his co-workers in awe of who this mystery man is.



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