Jason Statham In Wrath Of Man Reminds You Not To Reveal His Bad Side

You don’t want to see it

Alexander Razin
3 min readMay 9, 2021


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Friday was a momentous occasion; it’s my fathers’ first time going to the deluxe movie theater I’ve gone to for the previous four years.

Last week, I convinced my father to head to the theater, but the film we wanted to watch didn’t come out until next week.

The following week, I work on Friday, but I work in the morning. An afternoon screening is a safe bet.

I asked my father if he still wanted to go, and he agreed.

With the tickets purchased, I eagerly waited to finish working to head to the theater with my father to witness his first experience.

In the end, my dad and I watched a movie together. I’m positive Jason Statham’s character in the film wanted to experience watching a movie with his son, but he’ll never get a chance.

Jason Statham stars in Wrath Of Man, directed by Guy Ritchie. He led the live-action Aladdin (2019) and The Gentleman (2020).

Jason Statman plays H, a cash truck security guard who shocks his fellow employees after defending them in a risky situation. H’s actions leave his co-workers in awe of who this mystery man is.

What is it with making the action protagonist a mysterious person? Can’t we have a Mall cop who suddenly became a badass? Oh, wait.

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As you learn about H, the film sidetracks to learn about H’s motives and the culprits behind it. Wrath Of Man focuses on these characters in an unchronological chapter format. As a result, it isn’t easy to appreciate the film with the disoriented and convoluted chapter narrative. However, this structure can function well as it’s done masterfully in Pulp Fiction.

Wrath of Man does a good job painting Jason Statham as a mortal man, as he gets taken down and stays down. Hollywood has made Jason Statman a superhero, and Hobbs & Shaw is the antithesis.

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Guy Ritchie and company make up for the plot with the gunplay action. As unintriguing it is to learn about these characters, it’s enthralling to see them take each other out. Guy Ritchie obsesses with gunplay.

Overall, it’s a decent film with a disorientating chapter story and excellent gunplay. You can skip this film and wait for it to come out in a matinee theater and streaming platforms.

If you want to see a flick starring Jason Statham, may I suggest Hobbs & Shaw, The Transporter, and Crank?

Enjoy Statham’s many wraths.



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