Introducing Final Faction, Dollar Tree’s New Toy Line And Show

All American discount heroes

Picture from YouTube.

Once the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) sprung to life, everyone wanted to have a universe. DC produced its universe, and Universal created the Dark Universe with classic universal monsters. Now it’s Dollar Tree’s turn with Final Faction.

Final Faction is a YouTube animated tv show that begun on October 26, 2020. Before the show came out, Dollar Tree released a toy line. These are the first toys officially produced by Dollar Tree. You can tell because there’s artwork on the back of the packaging.

Dollar Tree released eight figures. Yes, they’re a dollar each. For being a dollar, the figures have great articulation and consistent painting. The creator of these designs, Robbie Smith, did an exceptional job creating a team of heroes toy collectors, and children can enjoy and pick their favorite.

All eight figures. Photo from the author.

The toys include five heroes called the Alpha Team, and three villains named Kharn. In Alpha Team, we have the typical soldier, Master Sergeant Steadfast, with a muddy soldier attire, bald, glowing red eye, and goatee to complete the look. Sergeant Ruck; green torso armor accompanied by shouldered cannon and eyepiece. Sergeant Steel is Marvel’s Falcon, but in blue. Specialist Shift a sword wielding martial artist in red-black attire. Augmented Combat Rescue Mech (A.C.R.M.) is a blue robot operated by a teenager. The show has a dog, Churro, but the toy line didn’t release him. Churro is a dog in a silver mechanical robot suit.

Either Robbie Smith scrapped the design, or it would get released in the second series of toys Dollar Tree plans.

The villains are Synthoid with a silver wide aesthetic, Brute, a demonic giant, and Drone, which looks like Ultron. There’s another villain the show introduces but isn’t part of the first wave of figures.

Speaking of the show, Taiwanese news reporters animated Final Faction and released a nine-minute pilot to establish the characters and their goals.

In the year 2050, a large asteroid collided with our moon. Among the debris, we discovered a hibernating alien mother ship. Now, the Kharn are awake and they want to plunder our precious natural resources. So, we recruited teams of special operatives to defend Earth from their alien threat. — Show synopsis

The animation has a 3-D plastic design, making the characters look like action figures. It can capture the sense that kids play with toys, creating an exciting adventure for the heroes like making cookies.

80s cartoons like G.I. Joe take inspiration to the story and action; the characters are goofy, and their weapons shoot lasers. Watching the show would make you feel like a kid again. It took me back to five-year-old Alexander watching the G.I. Joe movie my parents bought for me on VHS. I’ll sit on the couch and watch the film until the sun settles.

From the first episode. Picture from She’s Fantastic.

After the first episode, the Final Faction YouTube channel hasn’t released episode two. Still, they released a 42 second short of two of the characters playing with their action figures and ends, reminding you to buy the figures.

Who knows when more episodes would release. The company behind the animation is possibly hard at work animating more episodes, or Dollar Tree is waiting until they release the second wave of toys. Whatever the case, Dollar Tree generated hype.

As you wait, buy the toys at your local Dollar Tree; they shouldn’t sell out.

Let’s welcome our discount heroes.

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