I’m on The Second Page of an Internet Search. These People Come First

Yet only one AB

Another person who shares my name. Source: HKS.

You’re bored one day and don’t know what to do. So you sit near the computer with your fingers nimbly tapping the keys as you conjure a search for Google. Then it hits you. Let’s see where I am in the investigation of other people who share my name.

Where does your name appear in Google’s list of searches? Are you the first link that appears? Are you on the first page? Perhaps the second? Or maybe you are far on the search list; it’s pointless discovering where you rank.

For me, I’m the third link on the second page. Hooray. I’ll claim second place for now. These are the guys who I need to beat.

Before I searched, I didn’t type in AB. AB is just a pseudonym of my initials. My real name is Alexander Briseño. I would be the first one on the list if I typed AB because there is only one AB.

Using my real name, the first Alexander Briseño who pops up is the studio design leader and principal at HKS, an architecture school. He was a well-established individual with an award from People’s Choice AIA Detroit in 2017 and, my favorite, an award for Best New Condo by Toronto Life.

The other Alexander Briseño deserves the top search with such accolades. I hope people will remember him.

I know others will remember the next spot. Retired City Manager Alexander Briseno has a leadership program named after him. The program teaches others his philosophy, “Gerencia con Corazon,” practice management with compassion/heart. But, of course, the program doesn’t forget to remind you of other principles you can learn: judgment, courage, and other trite bullshit. Cool, Alexander has a program named after him.

The next Alexander Briseño seems cruel by comparison. I hope the family of Alexander Briseño is well, as the search is an obituary for Alexander Briseño, who died last year. May he rest in peace.

The last Alexander Briseno to conquer the first page of links is Alexander E. Briseño, a professor of Public Service from the Texas Municipal League (TML). Professor Briseño has been a member of the league since 1978. Before teaching, Professor Briseño was a City Manager for San Antonio (I see a trend here) and a CEO for many companies in the San Antonio area.

I’m happy many Alexander Briseños are living fruitful lives. It gives me hope that Alexander Briseño (me) can do something with his life. I don’t want to live off what I inherit from my parents. I want something that is mine. And if that guarantee begins with writing, so be it. The other Alexanders started somewhere, and they made it far, given they’re of Mexican or Hispanic descent.

Regardless, cheers to the other Alexander Briseños.

I will see you on the first page.




I’m a certified music weirdo and aficionado—a lover of movies and TV with an emphasis on the obscure.

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I’m a certified music weirdo and aficionado—a lover of movies and TV with an emphasis on the obscure.

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