I’m heading to college.

I’m attending college starting Thursday (January 19) for a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism. I chose this degree because of my moderate success on Medium (the 3.1k followers and readers didn’t come out of thin air.)

I’m returning to college for the third time. The first time was at a community college from 2015 to 2018. I returned to community college for the second time in 2020 after wasting a year chasing an online Christian degree. Thankfully, I passed community college with flying colors on my second attempt. Once I graduated, I said, “All I need is my associate degree. Everything I could learn at a four-year, I can learn at home.”

Self-teaching didn’t turn out as planned, unfortunately.

Given my disability, everything I learn goes in one ear and out the other if someone isn’t helping me.

So, I returned to college for guidance.

Given that I’m returning to school, my writing routine will change. I’ll post about one (and if I get lucky) two times a week. My new schedule will continue until summer and will resume for as long as I stay in college.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to college. I hope it helps me grow as a writer or provides guidance to improve. Returning to college will help me become who I truly am.

Before I sign-off, I thought of my writing alias. Let’s welcome Alexander Razin (raise-in). He’s here indefinitely.

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Alexander Razin

Aficionado and connoisseur of obscure and strange music, movies, and TV. Fictional and non-fictional pieces have their place here, too