I Contain Zero Ranting Bones in My Body

I Disappointed 20-year-old me

Alexander Razin
3 min readJun 14, 2022


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I’m living the dream, well, somewhat living my fantasy. I always wanted to work my way into the entertainment industry and didn’t expect writing would become the catalyst.

I had satisfying results writing, but like every human, I want more. I want to indulge. Those silly top tens songs list have done well (read them), but I want to take it further; I want to rant.

I’ll have problems ranting since I’ve escaped anger or negativity the last few years, given I’m a negative individual by nature. Yet, I kept my negativity at bay after the events of two years prior.

The world’s falling apart, but I’m flawless.

Either way, I want to unleash on any topic by ranting. Let’s hope I don’t fall on my face and write about the beauty of nature and how it transformed my lifestyle. No time for deep shit, AB; it’s time to rant.


To rant, let’s lead with a topic I shot myself on the foot: movie recaps. I wrote about the subject a few months back and received results I knew to expect.

In the article, I was experimenting by being generous with a concept that isn’t ruining cinema but diminishing its value. In the movie recap article, I said you should watch a movie recap when you don’t have time or the film is terrible.

Well, I’m going to stop being fair. Don’t watch a movie recap; it’s a waste of time. Watch something productive instead of wasting five to 20 minutes on a recap. But if you don’t have patience, watch or read a review—more value in getting an opinion than a redacted version of the movie.

I’m not like the cinephile and cineaste Simon Dillon, but I can see the harm in what a mindless movie recap can cause.

Instead of playing the positive card, I should be honest and not become a peacemaker with recaps. My writing taught me there are certain times to experiment and specific times when not.

Oh, I went on a tangent, and stop ranting. I knew this would happen, but I want to give it another try. Alright, alright, one more time.

3 2 1 and rant



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