Five Great Albums of 2020

Sounds of a decade

Alexander Razin
5 min readJan 8, 2021


2020 was a rough year for all of us. We had to fight an invisible enemy killing our friends, families, and love ones. And, of course, certain elections and events making us question our very lives. Amidst it all, many of us had companions to accompany us, and music is one of those companions.

The billboard charts were stagnant all year, with gobble goop from 2019, but many artists released their albums without sales they usually receive. Here are the ones that stood out from the crowd.

Dorian Electra: My Agenda

The new pop idol made a massive splash with flamboyant, a quirky and fun album that captured LGBT.

With my agenda, Dorian captures toxic masculinity, people on the internet (trolls and neckbeards), and his gender. We get such lyrics as, “My agenda.
Might offend ya Out here flexing in my Rainbow suspenders, we’re out here turning frogs homosexual, one question why so serious? Did I offend you? I’m so curious. Ha’ my identity’s mysterious.”
A commenter on genius painted a factual scenario.

“Can we all agree this is going to be about a male who’s a troll and an edgelord online, but finds out all of that misogyny, hate and edginess expressed internalized homophobia and insecurity and surrenders to pleasure and has sex with another man who’s into BDSM and realizes his the most submissive bottom ever?”

- Andrew Tremblay on genius

The lyrics flow well with the production, a chaotic mess with a few whips added here and there. A few of the songs are short, and they to be longer. For example, the song M’Lady. Another verse or chorus could have worked or add more to the heaving breathing.

My Agenda isn’t as engaging, but the lyricism and the new bells and whistles make it work.



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