Explosion At Taco Bell

I got better

Alexander Razin
3 min readNov 14, 2021


Image by vicznutz from Pixabay

“Do you want anything from Taco Bell?” the text message from my mother read.

“No,” I responded.

In this world, that’s what I told my mom, but in the parallel universe known as electric boogaloo, I said yes.

Here’s my story.

“Do you want anything from Taco Bell?” my mother’s message read.

“Yes, get me a quesarito, and crunch wrap supreme.”

“Okay,” she responded

It was a Tuesday, and I like to eat fast food by the end of the week, but my desire to eat Taco Bell’s delicious Mexican cuisine kept me ravenous. My tastebuds were swimming because of how tasty that quesarito would taste.

The seconds went by, and my mother has yet to return home. I warned her, if she takes an eternity to get food, I’ll eat another piece of furniture.

More seconds went by, and my mom still hadn’t arrived with the scrumptious five-star meal.

While foaming out the mouth, and eyes rolling in the back of my head, I dashed towards the couch to have myself a feast. Yet, I stopped mid-gallop to control my primordial responses to devise a plan. I’ll just meet my mom at Taco Bell, I wondered.

I then woke out of my trance and headed towards my phone.

“Mom, I’ll meet you at Taco Bell,” I said.

“Why? we're on our way home,” she texted.

“Let’s eat as a family,” I replied.

“Okay, then,” she said.

At Taco Bell, I saw my mother and brothers looking bemused. I approach their table and say nothing and went at it.

“You must’ve been hungry,” my mother said.

“Less, talky, more eating,” I replied.

She left me at peace, and I ate my yummy quesarito. Every bite took me to cheese paradise. A place filled with tortilla inhabitants who frolic in the cheese-filled ocean. Oh, boy, I was in heaven.

After my second to last bite of quesarito, I felt strange. Somehow, the cosmos and my subconscious were in line. I ignored it and went for another bite.



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