Dune 2021 Is A Spot On Telling Of The Novel

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The last couple of months in California have been a nightmare because of the raging wildfires in the mountains, causing the smoke and ash from the sierras to pollute the air quality in the cities. I would walk out of my house to take out the trash and see the ash piling up on the car. I know in the United States; we loathe masks, but I can’t think of a better time to not wear one. Why would anyone breathe those fumes?

Regardless, it’s a lesson many of us can learn, and it’s something future generations will deal with, as they harvest fumes deadlier than ash and smoke.

Dune 2021 takes place in the year 10901 in a galaxy far, far away. The two factions, Atreides and House Harkonen, fight for the spice mélange on the planet Arrakis, ran by the Freman: dark-skinned individuals with sparkling blue eyes. Those two have been fighting over the mélange like the populace in South Park, who wanted Tom Brady’s special spice.

The leader of the Atreides, Duke Leto, played by the posturing Oscar Isaac, who takes his concubine Lady Jessica, played by the frail Rebecca Ferguson who wields the Bene Gesserit and the voice—and son Paul Atreides, depicted by pretty boy Timothée Chalamet who bears his mother’s skill. Lady Jessica’s the voice is the power to control others by the pitch of your vocals. You can describe it as the force from Star Wars. Speaking of Star Wars, it’s a film that draws heavy inspiration from Dune. For example, you have Paul who is Luke Skywalker, and the voice which is the force.

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Years since Frank Herbert released Dune in 1965, Dune accumulated a fan base of similar caliber to Star Wars. No matter how big those two fan bases are, we need to remember that Dune came first. It’s not surprising if you see a grown man dress like an oversized sandworm at a convention.

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Dune 2021 is a gorgeous film that captures the book well. The scorching deserts of Arrakis stretch for…



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