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Best Part Of Valentine’s Day

Better than getting a sweet kiss from your honey

Ah, Valentine’s day, the one day of the year where people can express how much they love each other by giving flowers, cards, or chocolate. It also a holiday people can celebrate with others by having a massive party or special dinner, or where middle-aged moms can eat Ice Cream while indulging in hallmark channel movies.

Valentine’s Day began in 496 AD for patron saints and only celebrated it as a feast and didn’t involve romance. Valentine’s day didn’t become romantic until the fourteen century, when poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the to celebrate the anniversary of King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia. By 1415, Valentines became a full-fleshed holiday for people from many parts of the world to partake.

So, what’s the best part of Valentine’s day? It’s not the parties, the films which come out (Fifty Shades Franchise or the first Deadpool), and it isn’t the caption. Then what is it?

Well, dear reader, it’s the candy . Kids, teenagers, and adults have enjoyed these little hearts for a while now, and here’s why they can’t put them down.

The message

Each time you open a box of conversation hearts, you aren’t sure what kind of text is on the single piece of candy. Maybe it reads, Love you, my love, so fine, be mine, and miss you. Before you pile the hearts into your mouth, check to see if you got any of the many insightful words printed on the heart. If you didn’t, or they poorly printed text on the heart, throw it away and shun the candy for mocking you. The candy will rue the day it disgrace your livelihood.

The taste

Each heart comes with many assorted flavors, orange, pink, purple, yellow, white. The pink one quite tasty; I can taste the intensity of its assorted color. The other flavors are cool too. Before you eat one, you may think you’ll have a hard time biting it, but no, it’s soft enough to chew. When you eat it, it feels as if you’re eating chalk or sand. No matter, the sweet flavors will counteract the bizarre mush in your mouth.

The texture

When you grab a conversation heart, you will notice how it feels to hold it; it leaves powder on your fingers. The powder feels like chalk, and you think, Then, in the heat of the moment, you either throw away the candies or shove them down your mouth. You decide to throw them away, but you remember how much you loved them when you were a child so you quickly ingest them. As you chew, you cough up powder because you’re eating them too quickly. A tear rolls down your eye as you intake the rush of the sweets; it’s clear you never doing that again.

To summarize, Conversation hearts make a great candy for those who enjoy a kind message which brightens your day. Tasty flavors like Pink which make the chalk candy more edible. And the powdery texture which a company may or may not use in the manufacturing of candy hearts. Do yourself a favor, grab yourself a packet of these hearts.

I leave you with a piece of advice, don’t chug candy hearts before kissing your sweetie.

Happy valentine’s day.

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