Alec was a junior in high school, and he noticed different parts of his body changing. Suddenly, he felt attracted to girls, and his friends did too. He never imagined gaining such a feeling. Alec and his friends would go around town- but mainly at school, and dare each other to speak to girls and ask them out. Alec was a very timid individual; he had difficulties talking to others, let alone girls. Alec’s friends kept pestering him on and on to speak to a girl in their class, and once he did, he changed his outlook on women forever.

Every school day, Alec would wake up bright and early to school to talk with his friends, but mainly he went in early so doesn’t feel overwhelm with countless students coming late in the morning. Alec fellowship comprising two people, Joe and Dan. Joe was a short, a little chubby, and with a wig of black hair. Dan was tall, a little chubby as well, had wavy black hair, and piercing blue eyes. They’re a decent bunch, and Alec enjoyed every conversation with them.

The three were strolling and chatting through the hallway with she came by. It’s the girl Alec friends kept nagging him about. Alec, of course, will let her pass away, and miss an opportunity to meet her. As she got closer, Joe blurred out,

“Hey, Alec here he knows how to play an instrument.”

Alec retinas shot up and adrenaline spiked. He couldn’t escape his faith; he must speak with her. Joe and Dan left Alec so he can get to know his new acquaintance. As Alec and the girl walked through the hallway, Alec attempted not to mince his words and prepare to whatever she may say.

“So you play an instrument,” she said

Of course Alec didn’t want to lie to her, and say he doesn’t play an instrument, but he had to say some kind of lie. The girl was short, petite, and has golden blonde hair. As he stared directly at her, Alec came out with,

“Yeah, I like to sing and make my own songs.”

, Alec thought. As Alec continues to chitchat with her, he learns her name is Ana, and she is from Mexico.

Alec and Ana continued to communicate aspects of their life until Ana had enough. Alec asks for her number, but got her Kik instead. Alec flustered as ever attempted to add his Kik account to Ana’s. He gave Ana back her phone; he said goodbye and headed back to his friends. Alec did it, he spoke to her. This was Alec’s chance to make a friend or girlfriend. Deep in Alec’s psyche, he had a feeling it wouldn’t work out, but other stronger emotions blocked the feeling, and he ignored it.

Alec would continue to talk to her at school and through phone messages. Things were going well until Alec said and did something which made Ana spout these words,

“You’re weird.”

From that moment, Alec should of stop speaking to her. It’s clear Ana wouldn’t except Alec’s quirky behavior. Maybe if she understood Alec’s condition, she’ll react differently, but it was too late to say. Alec continued speaking to her to make up for his actions, but Ana was indifferent to most of his responses. Now it’s crystal clear Alec needed to cut contact with Ana. Instead, Alec persisted and asked out Ana. She said no, as she still had feelings for her boyfriend back in Mexico. Now, more than ever, Alec needed to cut her loose, but he went on. He kept chatting and messaging her until she said it again,

“You’re weird.”

At that moment the universal aligned, and Alec gained an unobstructed view of his relationship with Ana. He repaired his mistake, but found no need to speak with her again. Alec knew Ana would not accept who he is, and it made him wonder if any other woman would accept him. Maybe, but his experience with Ana changed his views on relationships; he felt as if there’s no need to build romantic relations. Ana wasn’t a kind individual, Alec could tell when Ana would hang out and message his friends. Each time Alec spoke to a girl, he would caution his words. He never wants this to happen again. Even though it took a toll on Alec, he learned he must meet someone who can accept him for who he is, no need getting dragged down by others who can’t sympathize with him.

I'm just a guy who enjoys music, books, film, animation, video games, and the mysteries of life. Website:

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