They told me the classics never go out of style

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Hidden in the recesses of Southern California lies a sound of frustrated youth. They called it hardcore punk, and it captures how they felt about the political climate.

Hardcore gained momentum in the late 1970s in Southern California and quickly spread to throughout the United States. Hardcore Punk is like its processor Punk in the 60s, but more fast-paced, aggressive, and political. It only mattered if you can play your instruments rapidly and scream.

These albums reflect everything hardcore stands for and created the next wave of bands to grace…

You don’t want to see it

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Friday was a momentous occasion; it’s my fathers’ first time going to the deluxe movie theater I’ve gone to for the previous four years.

Last week, I convinced my father to head to the theater, but the film we wanted to watch didn’t come out until next week.

The following week, I work on Friday, but I work in the morning. An afternoon screening is a safe bet.

I asked my father if he still wanted to go, and he agreed.

With the tickets purchased, I eagerly waited to finish working to head to…

It’s a plus if they become your favorite

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Last Sunday I took part in a video call where we discussed an album, and the news surrounding it. I hardly said anything during the meeting because I was exhausted. When I spoke a word, it felt as if I’ll drift to sleep, so I stayed quiet. Hopefully, I don’t feel tired next time as it was a great experience.

Anyway, since we discussed Van Halen, Keith R. Higgons (the one who suggested the meeting) said Van Halen in the early years released an album every year, and he couldn’t think of…

Delivering you toasty goodness

Join his laughter. Source Twitch.

Podcasts are a dime a dozen. They inform you and entertain you. With most people tuning in to murder mysteries, they eat up as if it were all you can eat for $4.99.

However, one podcast has been making moves ever since they hit the scene in 2014. This podcast is Double Toasted, and its primary goal is to make you laugh. If Double Toasted makes you crack a smile, all is right in the world.

Who Is Double Toasted?

Albums surfing the web for all to see

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Going viral is worth celebrating; the one piece you worked on endlessly made it, and you get to reap the rewards. But how does a piece of content get viral? Well, in a Ted Talk by Dao Nguyen, she explained it’s a mixture of what they call makes me laugh, this is me, helps me connect, helps me, and makes me feel. If you have one of these, you’re on your way to your first or next viral hit.

The songs listed here use the same formula to capture your attention. In…

2. There are no mainstream media

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Face it, being a journalist or blogger is hard work; keep coming up with ideas, build an audience, and having confidence. Once you nailed those down, you need to deal with comments from others. Comments such as fake news or you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

No matter your niche, you would deal with these kinds of comments. Especially if you cover news or politics. If you studied journalism in college, you’ll take a class on mass communication. Mass communication is the information we see through all forms of media.


Campy. Gory. Fun?

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When I arrived home Friday, I had two things on my mind: Yes; they gave me tomorrow off at work, and I’m nervous talking to the owner of the publication I’m a part of on Sunday. What would he sound like, and how would he perceive my voice?

I hope they’re ready because I sound like a surfer bra who abandons surfing to get a Ph.D. in science.

I set those aside so problems so I can watch a film that melted my worries.

Mortal Kombat (2021) released internationally on April 8, 2021, and in the United…

How The Hell

Source: The Music Express

Before you get your torches and pitchforks out, hear me out. How can a band sell millions of copies and make millions of dollars, and they’re not an older rock group? Since Nickelback’s inception, they have made 17 million dollars on record sales, and the number keeps growing.

To get to the bottom of this, I had the privilege of listening to every Nickelback album (I can smell music now) and deep research to find out what makes these Canadians masterminds.

Who is Nickelback?

Besides being the punching bag of the rock fandom, they’re a Canadian rock band from Hanna, Alberta, which formed…

With great wipes comes great responsibility

Source: Kauai kahuna

“What did you want to speak about?” Sani Man said to the agency contractor.

The agency contractor is a woman who looks as if she has been through it all. All the shit she dealt with people made her indifferent to herself and others. The two sat on cheap office chairs staring directly at each other, separated by a cheap brown desk.

“I was reviewing your file, and the fights you had protecting the company accumulated thousands of dollars' worth of damages, and you severely injured an employee.” The agency contractor said.

“I wouldn’t…

An experience with faith

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Growing up, the catholic christian religion deeply invested my parents. They only worshipped it because other Hispanics/Latinos believed in it. My parents still get ask if they’re catholic because, well, they’re of Mexican descent so they have to practice Catholicism right? Following my parents to every service and congregation, I was skeptical of the catholic faith.

In 2009 and 2018, Christianity found new meaning for me and my parents' life. New meaning changing our lives for many years to come.

It was a cold and gloomy Sunday winter in Texas in 2009. My parents decidedly headed…

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