An experience with faith

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Growing up, the catholic christian religion deeply invested my parents. They only worshipped it because other Hispanics/Latinos believed in it. My parents still get ask if they’re catholic because, well, they’re of Mexican descent so they have to practice Catholicism right? Following my parents to every service and congregation, I was skeptical of the catholic faith.

In 2009 and 2018, Christianity found new meaning for me and my parents' life. New meaning changing our lives for many years to come.

It was a cold and gloomy Sunday winter in Texas in 2009. My parents decidedly headed…

Exploring Mortal Kombat’s 2010 trilogy

If you can sum up Mortal Kombat in one word, it’s Scorpion and occasionally Sub-Zero. Jokes aside, from its inception in 1992 by co-creators Ed Boon and John Tobias, the series saw massive success. It only needed one game to create the ESRB and garner many controversies, but Mortal Kombat kept going, selling millions of copies in its almost 30-year life span.

After its 3-D era in the 2000s, it seemed Mortal Kombat was ending. Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe became the metaphorical nail in the Mortal Kombat coffin. The game was a blessing in disguise as it brought us…

A first live concert experience

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On a chill December morning in 2014 in the small and quiet suburb of Frisco, Texas. A town when you search up U.S. privilege, Frisco appears. I wish I could move back there, but I don’t think I’ll ever learn any listens on how the real world works.

I sat eagerly in my room listening to my iPod Nano Mini waiting to head out to my first concert. I’ll see the metal core or swag-core band, Issues perform in Dallas at The House of Blues headlining Journey’s Noisetour for 2014. My love for music was…

Making writing fun

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Writing is a challenging pursuit; it’s a tool in our communication that drives countless individuals mad. You may know someone (i.e. a friend or loved one), and most of the planet, whenever they have to write, they prolong it not because they don’t want to, or they’re not great at writing. Writing a universal tool many of us need to learn, even if we dislike it; it’s the reason there’s a topic and publication to writing on medium.

People normally struggle with writing, but what about those with a disability? I have seen no articles to assist…

I swear they smell the blood on me

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It’s difficult to forget the events of 2017. I can’t forget, and I would ignore it by indulging in entertainment, mainly music. For everything that happened in 2017, excellent music came out. Brockhampton triple album Saturation released to gain their massive success. Tyler, The Creator Flower Boy, Lorde’s Melodrama, favorite of mine, Fit for an Autopsy The Great Collapse, and Sampha’s Process which made critics and music connoisseurs jump on the Sampha bandwagon, and claim Process as one of the best albums of 2017.

After the release, he went quiet, and a…

You can’t fool us


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Grabbing my brick, know as my phone, I open Medium to see what’s the latest. As of late, Medium is experiencing low viewership. Many top writers say our writing quality is low, but many of us write like Ernest Hemingway times ten!

So it isn’t the quality? What is it, then? A particular writer has been deceiving us all, and I found the corporate in plain sight.

I set my phone down and headed to the kitchen to get water. My family were all in the kitchen, so out of the blue, I said,


Decreasing your media consumption isn’t always accurate

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December 31, 2020, I sat comfortability in my bed watching Dragon Ball, and hesitantly checking the time to see when midnight strikes. Knowing when January 1, 2021, arrives, streaming is no longer one of my bedtime rituals. As midnight came, I left the comfortable position in my bed to head to the living room to see if my mother is awaiting as well. She sat on the sofa unconsciously watching television. She asked me if I wanted to sit down and watch. I told her no as Dragon Ball was capturing my attention…

The score to your next adventure

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Every form of entertainment has sound or music. Without it, it’s lifeless and uninteresting. For years now, there have been music compilations that captured the mood and created a mixture of songs for us to enjoy. These compilations are soundtracks, and not one piece of entertainment is devoid of it.

One soundtrack which has been garnering attention is video game soundtracks. This industry has grown to the billions, and with it, creating music so popular, it reached the charts.

The soundtracks mention here brought new life to music genres and impressive instrumentals for those who aren’t gamers. Let’s begin.

1. Cuphead

It began with a kitty bracelet

Source: Robert Ebert

A few days ago, after returning home from working my continuous shift from mid-day to mid-morning, my mother told me the local theatre would reopen. It’s been one year since my last movie theatre experience as I watched Pixar’s Onward, a tale of two elf brothers and a pair of legs.

At first, I was indifferent, but I yearned for a movie theatre outing as I enjoy sitting in a dark room for a few hours. So, on a hunch, I checked the website to see what movies were playing. Most of them were…

The highs and lows of making music

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2015, one of the best years for music and entertainment. Kendrick Lamar released To Pimp A Butterfly, and a U. K producer and pop artist, Clarence Clarity, released their debut album No: Now, one album that would change the pop landscape for years to come. In the middle of this splendid music, 19-year-old me graduated high school and had the ambition to join the music scene. I had everything in place to make it with my music, but it came tumbling down.

My obsession with making music began in 2014 with I told my parents I wanted a guitar for…

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