Should’ve never gone to Hollywood

This week, my brother’s girlfriend from out-of-state came to visit once again. The last time she visited was in the summer when the weather was hot, and the times were not.

Now that she’s back, she wants to see the city people who aren’t from California like to visit.



I got better

“Do you want anything from Taco Bell?” the text message from my mother read.

“No,” I responded.

In this world, that’s what I told my mom, but in the parallel universe known as electric boogaloo, I said yes.

Here’s my story.

“Do you want anything from Taco Bell?” …


They’re about to change the game

In 2007, Shop Boyz, reached the mainstream when they caught the attention of record producers.

The producers enjoyed their unique take of hip-hop with rock-inspired samples. Soon, the producers drew them to the mainstream, and the United States reacted to the threesome with praise—placing the group in the limelight.


Alexander Briseño

Lover of music, TV, Movies, Video Games, and the obscure with a satirical twist because who doesn’t need a good laugh, right? Website: https://ablatinwordy.wixs

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