The host of Your Favorite Band Sucks: Tyler Mosley (left), and Tyler Mahan Coe (right). Picture by William DeShazer

3 Ways This Podcast Changes The Way You Listen to Music

Your favorite artist will never sound the same

Two guys from Nashville, Tennessee, Mark Mosley; a concert promoter, and Tyler Mahan Coe; son of popular country artist-David Allan Coe and host of podcast, Cocaine & Rhinestones. These two had the courage to create a podcast where they criticize popular bands and artist. The duo titled their podcast, Your Favorite Band Sucks, and for the last three and half years, have pissed off people by saying their favorite musicians are awful. Bands and artist such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Destiny’s Child, and even Beethoven has reach the innovative floor.

The host edits the podcast well and they’re well researched with each artist they cover. The voice of the host leaks through in the mix, but mostly it’s well put together. Given their roles in the music industry, Mark and Tyler have an ethos to back their claims, and have validity to examine these artists.

You’re wondering, how will this change the way I listen to music? If you haven’t emailed the podcast by looking at the title alone of each of their podcast, here's how.

Do These Musicians Demand Acclaim

Right off the bat, the podcast tackles The Beatles; a beloved band by many music fans. If you search any music rating system such as, and you type into the charts the best albums of all time or the best pop-rock album, and you’ll see a Beatles album appear (It’s possibly Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, or Revolver). Your first instinct is to listen to these records, and after a listen or two can’t find any validity to what you heard; it’s fine, The Beatles aren’t for everyone. Your Favorite Band Sucks clarifies The Beatles contributed nothing to music but create your favorite boy bands (I’m looking at you, Backstreet Boys and One Direction). Before creating their own music, The Beatles played covers of rock pioneers, mainly African Americans, and those musicians deserve all the acclaim. The podcast will continue to question this claim with bands like Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd. Did black sabbath create heavy metal and is Pink Floyd of the best bands of all time? Do they deserve the praise, or are they the first people garnered too?

A picture from one of their video podcast. Picture capture taken through YouTube.

How The Industry Operates

Every artist Your Favorite Band Sucks covers makes you understand how your favorite artist made it or came to fruition. For example, a forceful parent created Destiny’s Child so they can gain success; this child is Beyonce Knowles. Her father created the group and took the efforts to put his daughter in the limelight. Another example, Rage Against the Machine, a major label signed them. So, they’re part of the machine they’re raging against. It’s clear the music industry is finding fresh ways to make money, and that will never change. Some artists the podcast covers piggyback from the industry, and they too want to make money and forget the reason they make music.

Do I Like Listening To Music

Chances are you do, and only because your favorite band sucks covers an artist you like on their podcast doesn’t mean you don’t like music; you just have discovered a few musicians and need to time branch out to unique artists and grow your musical palate. The co-host of Your Favorite Band Sucks makes it clear,

“I do think, oddly enough, that our podcast is almost a way for people to just be ok not liking something that everyone around them tells them they should like, and also just being ok liking whatever they like. They should be able to listen to our podcast, maybe even an episode about a band that they love, and still come out the other side going: I don’t care, I still love this band.” — Tyler Mosley

Yes, be okay liking whichever artist or band you so desire. Humans created music to bring joy to others. If you like a band hardly no one likes, let’s say Nickelback (Ironically, they release this episode on them on April Fools) listen to them at your heart's content.

Overall, with music, you like what you like, and don’t like what don’t you like. Music helps you mentality and physically. These two may take a swing at your favorites, but it shouldn’t stop you from listening to them. Listen to their podcast, have a pleasant laugh, and continue listening to your favorite music. If they covered your favorite artist, your fine.

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