Chuck Berry shredding on the guitar. Picture by Observer.

They never stopped rocking and rolling.

Chuck Berry

Berry brought his passion for blues and jazz and turned it on its head. Every track comprises Chuck Berry’s gritty bar chord guitar riffing and catchy, singable lyrics. For example, the song Johnny B. Goode with a stylistic guitar intro and accompanied high tempo piano and low bass. You may know this song from Back To The Future, if haven’t heard his song on Back To The Future, Chuck Berry’s music appeared in other hit films such as Pulp Fiction.

Little Richard

It’s clear Richard Wayne Penniman is one of the first striking musicians of his time. He wore a dapper suit like most artists, but his hair and thin mustache made him stick out from the rest. It was clear Little Richard was gay, and even though he had to disguise it, he still let it shine.

Fats Domino

Dominique Domino Jr. or Fats Domino tamed compared to the other two. What exactly makes his music rock? Well, Fats’ addition of electric guitar and bar blues makes his music rock. You can compare his songs to the rock ballads, which came after. For example, the song Ain’t that a shame has Fats’ gentle and humble voice over his cheerful piano playing with rough yet soothing guitar, drums, and bass. Fats songs are quite catchy and put anyone in a chipper mood. Consider giving Blueberry Hill or Jambalaya (On The Bayou) a listen; your spirits will lift.

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