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2 Bands That Took The Post- Hardcore Rock Revival (2007–2010) To Another Level

A new extreme

The year is 2007, and a couple of teenagers and young adults formed many bands inspired by the early 2000s and 90s post-hardcore. If you don’t know what post-hardcore is, its hardcore punk music mixed with jazz, blues, pop, metal, and other genres. Bands such as Touché Amoré, Defeater, La Dispute, Make Do and Mend and Pianos Become The Teeth started the new waves. Bringing past decades’ spirit to younger audiences. As these bands rekindled the greatest in the genre, others took it too far.

A couple of bands incorporated hip-hop, dubstep, and synthetizers with heavy guitar riffs and screaming. The bands in question played their heavy music sporting skinny jeans, tight t-shirts, long hair, and they all appeared as if they haven’t eaten for days. Don’t feel ashamed if you were a fan; I’m not. These bands blew the lids off many kids and teenagers who enjoyed the heavy sounds. It amazed them that such music existed.

To get a feel of how ridiculous these bands are, let’s examine two offenders. These bands lasted for two years, had multiple lineup changes, and released three albums. Let’s dive in.

Exhibit A: Attack Attack!

A bunch of teenagers in Colombus, Ohio started a band in 2007 under record label Rise Records (rise was giving record deals to many of these bands). Within a year they released their debut, Someday Came Suddenly and what a mess the album is. The songs have chugging power chord guitars with over the top scream vocals (Austin Carlile) over clean auto-tune vocals (Johnny Franck), and electronic beats. The lyrics are comparable to a heartbroken young teenagers journal. The best example is the song after the hip-hop influenced introduction, Stick Stickly. The song opens with thumbing guitars and a high pitch screech following a breakdown. Then out of nowhere an electronic beat kicks in with whiny auto-tune vocals proudly singing, “You never said that this would be easy. So go on, live!” The rest of the tracks follow the same formula. The music video for Stick Stickly! (The cover photo) will go on in infamy with the band members squatting while playing their guitars, making them look as if they’re crabs, and the fans then named their style of music, Crabcore.

After the release of this after album, the band released two more albums with a different lineup, Self-Titled, and This Means War. The instrumentals and vocals improved but sound like anything else in the genre. The members from the first album, mainly Austin Carlile, forming Of Mice & Men. The remaining members disbanded in 2013, but in 2020 came back with a new single, All My Life. All My Life isn’t anything special. The song has the same style as their early 2010 albums, but modernized. Whatever they do in the future, let Crabcore live on.

Exhibit B: Woe, Is Me

Where Attack Attack! brought the party style instrumentals, Woe Is, Me made the electronic instrumentals serious. Compared to Attack Attack!, Woe Is Me is a better band. What makes it stand out in the clean vocalist (Tyler Carter), and unclean vocalist (Michael Bohn). If it wasn’t for those two Woe Is, Me wouldn’t of last as long as they did. Their debut, Numbers was heavy, and had a good formula making the tracks enjoyable. The chemistry with Micheal Bohn and Tyler Carter were intact in each track. The opening track sums up how the rest of the songs would sound like, (&) Delinquents. The crushing guitar, rapid drums, and the great interplay with Micheal Bohn and Tyler Carter. If the Michael and Tyler stayed in the Woe, Is Me, they would have become a staple in the genre.

After Numbers, most of the members left the band for their second album, Genesis. The album is angry and more heavy. Most of the album lyrics mention how people shouldn’t stop them, no matter what they say. The individual who wrote these lyrics can’t seem to forgive the other members.

I bet you never thought we’d get this far
But in the end, we won’t give in ’cause it’s just who we are
I still have so much left to say
So my best advice to you is stay the f**k out of our way — With Our Friends Behind Us, Woe, Is Me

After Genesis, the band released an EP, American Dream, which sounds like B-Sides from Genesis. Once American Dream released, the band disbanded in 2013; with no signs of getting back together. The original vocalist Michael and Tyler formed Issues, a rock band which fuses metal with pop and R&B. Issues as well took the genre too far.


These two bands weren’t the best, but they introduce many teenagers to rock and help them find better rock bands as they grew older. Leaving a legacy to other bands who come out after them in their genre. In return, keeping rock alive, and for that reason, we are thankful.

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